HPO High Strength Elastomer

HPO High Strength elastomer optimized for high torque and designed for increased reliability in high solids drilling applications.

Abaco’s HPO elastomer designed to be combined with Abaco’s proprietary OPTIFIT technology and made for challenging environments. When combined with OPTIFIT, HPO provides the same power output as our HPW, but greater reliability in high wear and higher temperature environments.


  • Designed to be run with OPTIFIT

  • Improved life in higher temp environments

  • Improved fluid resistance leading to less chunking incidents

High Power Output Elastomer

HPO meets or exceeds the high bar set by HPW power output required for demanding drilling applications and customer expectations.

Increased Endurance at Steady Power Demand

  • Capacity of rubber to survive repeated load cycle is increased

  • Tested extensively in both WBM and OBM to refine load bearing capability

  • 2x to 3x increase in life for heavily loaded steady state conditions