HPT Elastomer

H-NBR Elastomer Designed To Increase Reliability In Extreme Environments And High Temperature Situations.

Extreme temperatures can affect performance of conventional elastomers in stators. Abaco is currently developing HPT elastomers to provide increased durability in elevated temperatures.  


  • High temperature elastomer designed to operate up to 375°F
  • Hard rubber composition for high power output
  • Excellent adhesion at high temperature
  • Excellent Wear Resistance in all applications

Hight Temperature Elastomer

  • HPT is a hard rubber elastomer with high power output
  • Power output is expected to be similar to HPX. (HPX delivers superior performance and durability in extreme environments — 320 °F).

Adhesive Strength

  • HPT maintains extremely high bond strength in oil-based and water-based mud at temperatures above 300°F.
  • HPT offers extended bond strength due to fluids as well as temperature because of the H-NBR base elastomer.

Fluid Resistance

  • HPT shows improved fluid resistance in both oil-based and water-based mud at elevated temperature.
  • HPT fluid resistance also allows the elastomer to maintain its elasticity to improve durability in all applications.