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Research & Development


The elastomer is the consumable component within the power section.  Our laboratory is equipped  with the latest equipment, devoted solely to elastomer research and development.  We have developed proprietary nitrile based elastomers for standard operating conditions (NBR) as well as more demanding field conditions (NBR-HP) which provides a better pressure drop performance that results in greater torque before stall.  Data and analytics are used to improve our technology to continue studying the effects of  drilling fluids and aggressive drilling conditions on our power sections. We also provide drilling fluid compatibility testing and advanced failure analysis services to customers. 

Our broad portfolio of performance elastomers is designed to meet the challenges of drilling regardless of the drilling challenge. Among our HPT, HPW, or HPX families of elastomers and the ability to engineer applications, Abaco Drilling Technologies can provide unique fit-for-purpose solutions that can deliver a step change in drilling performance.

Performance Elastomers

  • HPT -  Increases durability and performance at elevated temperatures
    up to 375 °F
  • HPW -  Addresses high wear situations that occur in high-friction high-torque
    use up to 320 °F
  • HPX -  Delivers superior performance and durability in eXtreme environments
    up to 320 °F

Functional Material Tester

Abaco Drilling Technologies provides drilling fluid compatibility testing and advanced failure analysis services that help our customers increase drilling efficiency. Our Functional Material Tester proves lab results in a controlled mechanical test with drilling fluids to enhance downhole performance.


  • Operates at downhole temperatures.
  • Uses drilling fluid in small volume
  • Controls geometry and loading condition
  • Estimates fatigue of real geometry and strain field
  • Generates temperature gradients close to operating conditions
  • Creates conditions to show bond failures