Our Products

The Most Advanced Power Section Rotors and Stators Available to the Drilling Market

Abaco Drilling Technologies brings together the latest technological advances in manufacturing, quality control, and unparalleled engineering know-how to provide the finest quality power sections, rotors and stators for your application.  Our power sections can be teamed with mud motors ranging from 1 11/16-inch thru 11 3/4-in diameter

  • CONVENTIONAL: 4 3/4-inch thru 11 3/4-inch diameter
  • EVENTEK™ (one piece profile): 4 3/4-inch thru 11 3/4-inch diameter
  • Thru Tubing: 1 11/16-inch thru 3 3/4-inch diameter
  • OPTIFIT – Designed for high flow rated models

Rotors and Stators

Rotors are manufactured from corrosion resistant steel with chrome or tungsten carbide coating. They are milled with the most sophisticated Weingartner milling equipment and are precisely contoured to various lengths and manufactured for specific project applications.  We verify every rotor profile using a CMM and proprietary contour measurement software.

Our stators are available with the most advanced NBR or High Performance (HP) elastomers. The material process is monitored carefully at each stage of manufacturing to ensure parts of the highest quality.

Abaco Drilling Technologies offers a wide selection of sizes to accommodate almost any customer demands. Most of the common configurations are available in 0.5 size increments from standard to 3 oversized which gives the customer the widest selection of fits.

Determining the appropriate fit between the rotor and stator will increase efficiency and service life. Knowing how important this is, we created a temp/fit guide that can assist the customer with the proper fit. However, the operator should also factor in the specific drilling conditions for each application. (Also available on the Abaco Drilling Technologies app).