About Us

The Most Advanced Rotors and Stators Available to the Drilling Market

Abaco brings together the latest technological advances in manufacturing, quality control, and unparalleled engineering know-how to provide the finest quality rotors and stators for your application.

Power Sections

We are the leading independent manufacturer of downhole drilling motor power sections. Abaco is committed to technological excellence in the design and manufacture of rotors and stators. Our state-of-the-art Houston (200,000 sq. ft.), Edmonton (90,000 sq. ft.) and Dubai (55,000 sq. ft.) locations contain the most sophisticated equipment for design, manufacture and R&D of the most advanced power sections in the industry. These locations are supported by our staging facility located in Odessa, Texas.

Advancing Elastomer Technology

Both our Houston and Dubai facilities include a 2,000 sq. ft. laboratory with the latest equipment, devoted solely to elastomer research and development. We build close and deep relationships with our customers and view them as partners in our efforts to continuously improve our products for their specific applications. Data and analytics are used to improve our technology to continue studying the effects of drilling fluids and aggressive drilling conditions on our power sections. This leads to innovation that extends the life of our power sections and allows for an unsurpassed drilling experience.

Customer Service

Abaco Drilling Technologies Customer Service Team interacts with clients to provide and process information in response to inquiries, concerns, and requests in a timely manner. Our team provides effective customer service to clients by using in-depth knowledge of down-hole drilling power section technology as well as communicate effectively with employees in Sales, Manufacturing, Logistics and other various departments.

Our Customer Service Team has the ability to implement action as needed in order to ensure that an excelled standard of service and a high level of client satisfaction is maintained.

Quality Assurance

  • Our Quality Assurance team has decades of proven experience in power section manufacturing.

  • We utilize refined techniques, documented procedures, and data recorded during production and final inspection

  • Both rotors and stators are inspected 100% and are coupled with individual data sheets

  • All inspection instruments and gages are calibrated and certified to be traceable to N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards

  • All machining vendors are required to include data sheets with inspected dimensions of work for each part

  • Abaco Drilling Technologies prides itself on exceptional quality control standards