Abaco Drilling Technologies has developed proprietary nitrile based elastomers for standard operating conditions (NBR) as well as more demanding field conditions (NBR-HP) which provides a better pressure drop performance that results in greater torque before stall. Using advanced materials, these elastomers provide superior performance relative to other elastomer materials.

Both compounds are oil-resistant and exhibit superior results at low and high temperature applications (Max. recommended temperature 275°F) Abaco Drilling Technologies' state of the art laboratory provides advanced material analysis allowing better understanding of the dynamic viscoelastic response of the stator elastomers. In addition to the traditional rubber testing, i.e., tensile, rheological, hardness, aging, etc., material characterization and product performance can be established using advanced material analysis employing parallel plate rheometry, thermal gravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry. Utilization of these techniques in conjunction with normal testing allow us to respond more quickly to the requirements in the field.

Quality control testing is performed on all elastomer batches using standard ASTM testing for rheometry, specific gravity and tensile properties. Additional testing such as tearing energy, bond testing, etc are performed on a regular basis.

The Stator elastomer's performance is further evaluated by measuring the stress-strain behavior of elastomers at extended temperatures. This also includes the effects of frequency and hysteresis with regards to the elastic behavior. Elevated temperatures, oils and other drilling fluids alter the stress-strain behavior, hence the performance of the stator. These effects are assessed using thermal analysis and parallel plate rheometry in addition to the traditional aging techniques.