HPW Elastomer

Addresses High-Wear Situations That Occur in High Friction, High Torque Use.

HPW Elastomer is designed to improve upon the properties of a conventional hard rubber by providing increased power output and reliability of the power section in high wear situations that occur in high-friction, high torque environments. Tear resistance, higher modulus, and elastomer reinforcement were targeted for areas of improvement. HPW yields higher reliability in severe environments of high sands, solids, and max paramater drilling.

Higher Modulus Elastomer

  • HPW is highly reinforced and has 25% higher stiffness than a conventional hard rubber. This results in up to 10 percent higher hole power output potential.

Wear Resistance Testing

  • HPW is specially formulated to give you high hardness and stiffness but also have better wear resistance than other hard rubber formulas. In laboratory testing, HPW has shown to have 30% better wear resistance than a conventional hard rubber.